All of the stupid things that stupid people do to make us angry.

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Recent Bothersome Behavior...


i bother myself

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My so called friends.

My friends have stopped talking to me for no reason. One moment they were playing a prank on me, the other moment they decided to just shut me out of their lives and never speak to me again. When I tried to check if all this was a part of the prank, I got my […]

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It’s the Passing Lane


The #1 rule of highway driving: You should never be passed on the right. If you find yourself being passed on the right, it probably means you are driving too slow in a passing lane. The #2 rule of highway driving: You should always be in the right-most lane unless you are passing someone. If […]

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Photo Apps ≠ Photographer


Just because you can install an app on your phone that makes your photos appear as if they were developed in the 70’s does not mean you are capable of taking good pictures. “Hey look , now this photo of my cereal has dark fuzzy shadows around the outside and the coloring is off. I […]

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